Poly Propylene Flat Fabric is a strong fabric that serves as dependable and economical packaging option for various industries. The fabric is used for making various products that are used while packaging different items. The products made using the fabric are light in weight and provide complete protection to the finished goods. These fabrics are also used to cover trucks, tempos, trailer truck, railway wagon, industrial outside storage, machine and agriculture products at farms. Global FIBC exports about 100 Metric tons of PP TUBULAR Fabric out of total fabric exports of 300 Tons of PP (Poly Propylene) Fabric. The countries where the pp flat fabric is exported are Spain, Belgium, Greece, Mexico, South American. Our PP Flat fabric is made with right technical parameters and construction along with the indefinite quantity controls and standards.

Poly Propylene Flat Fabrics Are Used For The Product Of:

Flat Fabric have several advantages for various applications. Polypropylene(PP) Box Bags Polypropylene(PP) Small Bags Polypropylene(PP) Perforated Bags Polypropylene(PP) Post/Courier Bags Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Polypropylene(PP) Cement Bags Polypropylene(PP) Laminated Woven Fabric Polypropylene(PP) Woven Bags Polypropylene(PP) Woven Laminated Bag Polypropylene(PP) Woven Laminated Gusseted Bags

Applications Of Flat Fabric:

Flat fabrics have many applications. As Wrapping of paper rolls, paper bundles, steel coils, tyres, yarn cones etc. Making bags on automatic cutting & stitching machines.

Technical Specification Of Poly Propylene Flat Fabric:

Below is the technical specification for Flat Fabric. GSM: 50 GSM to 300 GSM PP Fabric: Coated or Uncoated fabric Size: 60 cm to 300 cm Reinforcement: Yes if required, and as per the customers requirement Folding on sides: Yes - Possible as per the customers requirement with any given size. Construction: As per the customers requirement Size, Color & Type: As per the customers requirement & purely customized Lamination: Yes if required (maximum width of 3 meters) Mesh: 9 x 9 to 24 x 24 or as per the customers requirement UV Stabilization: Yes - As per the customers requirement Packing: Rolls up to 5000 meters or as per customer requirements