Higher GSM warp MF Fabric

Soft with extra strength in weft and body fabric:

We as a whole realize that fabric is the essential crude material to produce any particular products. Before going to bulk production, it is very basic to know and test the GSM of the provided texture by the provider. GSM (Gram per square meter) is a significant matter in textile division. This GSM can legitimately experience GSM shaper. This is because of the soft fabric.

Fabric GSM means the weight of fabric in grams in per square meter area. So the higher the GSM, the bulkier will be the fabric and vice versa, even they can be of the same construction.
GSM is wrapped in MF fabric. Advantage of this wrap is that MF (Melamine Formaldehyde) fabric is that it has fairly high dielectric strength.

Can be used for heavy load bag making

Higher GSM warp MF fabric is heavier and lower GSM warp MF fabric is lighter. But in both cases, the product can be used for heavy load bag making. This is because our engineers have detailed knowledge of GSM calculation method to ensure the right GSM warp MF fabric that is ordered by the customer.

Can be given in sandwich lamination

With the intention of giving considerable strength to this FIBC, we introduce the FIBC sandwich lamination that laminates the FIBC bags at the cost-effective rates. As the offered lamination is specifically designed to laminate large size bags, it is also renowned as the wide width lamination.