Lumber Cover Fabric


The woven lumber covers manufactured at Simplex are of the highest quality woven plastic material. We lead the industry with new lumber cover design and prides itself on the ability to produce a cost-effective cover for lumber and wood products in the United States. Simplex Chemopack Private Limited was established to meet the high demand for plastic packaging solutions, and more specifically the demand for quality covers in the lumber industry. Simplex Chemopack manufacturing facility has high yield production capabilities and can deliver competitively priced lumber covers faster than any overseas competitor. The ability to deliver lumber covers manufactured in North America breaks down lead times and reduces the variables of supply often found in the international market. With the ability for quick turn-around and custom sizing options, Simplex can deliver woven lumber covers in batched sized shipments. Understanding the market changes, lumber covers produced at Simplex can easily be adjusted for the production size changes.

What Are Advantages Of Lumber Cover?

The transparent end panels allows for both the product recognition in a sawmill yard and ease of identification for the receiving consumers. A clear end on a lumber cover allows for barcode scanning of products, and this promotes simplicity with inventory tracking of piece items within the cover.

Uses Of Lumber Cover?

A clear end Lumber cover is used and it allows barcode scanning of products. Sewn lumber covers manufactured at Simplex can be produced with or without print. All sewn lumber covers are folded, bundled, and palletized. Fast turn-around production is possible, as manufacturing takes place in United States.

Fabric Lumber cover fabrics is for packaging / covering purpose. Can use to wrap goods -
Our polypropylene woven lumber wrap is made on the best machines with extreme consideration and this settle on it a perfect decision under harshest ecological and environmental condition. The fabric is a three-layer composition of PP & other additives which make it tear proof and puncture resistant. Subsequently, it is perfect for wrapping or covering goods.

Why To Choose Lumber Cover?

Simplex Chemopack recommends sewn lumber covers when there are conditions that restrict the use of stapling on lumber and wood products. A sewn lumber cover will be form fit, and this allows for comparatively less fastening applications than lumber wrap.

Avoid to get in touch with water and dust

The lumber covers are ideal when waterproof assurance is required. Lumber covers are sturdy and wind resistant, so it is very much beneficial to use in trucks carrying loads. Lumber covers come in different strength. It is very much necessary to use lumber covers for your shipments because they protect your product against theft, rain, snow etc. If your products are covered with lumber covers it shows that you care for your products and that your products are worth protecting. We provide this fabric successively in Mesh 5x5, 8x3 & 8x4 and 50 GSM