Peanut Fabric

We make this fabric as per APS standard

Peanut fabric can be produced with either coated or uncoated pp woven fabrics. These packs are accessible in an assortment of alternatives incorporating with and without printing, modified sizes and redid weight of the fabric. A lid can likewise be made if necessary. It is made by woven polypropylene, mesh, or a blend of both. The American Peanut Standard (APS) is a standard that characterizes an innovation for incorporating application programming with facilitating stages. We make this fabric as per APS standard (American Peanut Council)

The Air permeability test has been passed:

The ventilated big bag is applicable for products that need breathe or airflow. We have designed the fabric that allows the air to pass through the bag which helps to keep the products inside fresh and without damage. And with all the pretests, this fabric has passed the Air permeability test.