PP Bags/Ad Star Bags

What are PP Bags or Ad Star Bags?

PP bags are made from special synthetic polymer polypropylene, which is also used to make several different types of consumer products and in various industrial applications as well. These are strong, durable and made from flexible material. These can also be designed to be transparent.

There are several distinct advantages of using a PP Bag or Ad Star® Bag, such as the higher durability provided by the completely sealed PP material. This bag is easier to make and is significantly cost effective.

Although polyethylene seems to be more commonly used, PP Bags are best suited for a variety of industrial applications.

Apart from this, the PP Bags and Ad Star® Bags can be made with different colors, graphics and designs.

PP Bags or Ad Star® Bags are useful for packaging ready-to-order foodstuff in sealed polypropylene bags to make it visible and keeping it fresh at the same time. These bags are also popular as tote bags for storing various types of soft or hard goods. These are mostly used as reusable shopping bags for retail customers.

Simplex Chemopack Private Limited provides efficient PP Bags and Ad Star® Bags of the highest quality. The PP Bags and Ad Star® Bags from Simplex are used for the largest variety of applications in diverse types of industries, mainly due to its better quality and durability.