Silt Fence is a typical fence consists of a piece of synthetic filter fabric stretched between a series of wooden or metal fence stakes along a horizontal contour level. The stakes are installed on the downhill side of the fence, and the bottom edge of the fabric can be trenched into the soil and backfilled on the uphill side, although it is quite difficult to move the trenched "spoil" from the downside to the upside of the trench. A silt fence is largely used in construction sites to prevent the erosion of wet concrete mixtures. Special type of filter fabric is used in manufacturing of grond covers and silt fences.

What Are Advantages Of Silt Fence Fabric?

Silt fence fabrics are manufactured in different roll sizes as per the specific client's demands. Thin pores of UV stabilized PP fabric provides effective passage of ground water without sediment deposits.

Uses Of Silt Fence Fabric?

Silt fence fabrics are used in different shapes such as round, square, triangular and many more.

Why To Choose Silt Fence Fabric?

Some key properties of our silt fence fabrics are light weight, high porosity and dimensionally accurate. We have developed an extensive vendor base for procurement of high quality polymers and other basic materials for our protective covers.