Lock Ventilated Fabric in Circular Loom

Our engineers can makes the lock and unlock ventilated fabric in circular looms

We offer our clients Circular Weaving Machines for Ventilated Fabric that are manufactured using high grade components and spare parts Further, to meet the specific requirements of our clients, we offer these products in standard as well as various customized sizes. Along with this our engineers are specialized to lock and unlock ventilated fabric in circular looms.

All these facilities can be successfully used as a replacement for Sulzer ventilated fabric without depreciating the quality and strength.

Now we can also give the ultra-sonic edge cutting

We have advanced in each way. We can also give the ultra-sonic edge cutting. The ultrasonic generator produces the mechanical vitality of vibration in excess of multiple times- 20000 times-400000 times per second to the cutting edge, it cuts the material by local heating melt, to accomplish the point of cutting materials.

Great cutting impact, great smooth front line and no unpleasant selvedge (loose edge).

Cutting speed, reduce the staff's working intensity, which also results in cost savings. Precise cutting force control. Cooling system ensures it can work efficiently for a long time
Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (cutter) is certified and verified that it is suitable for PP jumbo bag, and FIBC bag, polypropylene woven bag fabric etc.

Ventilation area of 10 to 20 mm can be easily given

Circular looms is uniquely designed to weave ventilated fabric (texture offering air porousness), which till now was just conceivable on costly level weavers. It is used in the packaging of perishable goods, ventilated fabrics also find application in sludge disposal. With ventilation we provide excellent weaving quality, and low energy consumption. The ventilation area of 10 mm to 20 mm can be provided flawlessly.