Custom Bulk Bags

What are Custom Bulk Bags?

The Tubular Bag design is one of the most commonly used in flat packaging. This consists of a single piece of fabric which is made into a cylindrical shape and the two edges stitched together. The top and bottom panels can either be sealed or flat panels attached to both sides, thus forming a cylindrical bag.

What are the advantages of Custom Bulk Bags?

Custom Bulk Bags are truly versatile solutions for packing and storing a wide range of goods. These bags are designed to store and carry different types of materials without the risk of contamination or damage due to leakage.

The Custom Bulk Bags are diverse in nature and have numerous applications in various types of industries today.

What are Custom Bulk Bags useful for?

Custom Bulk Bags are useful for a large variety of applications. From carrying fine powder to solid and stable-form substances, this bag offers all-round protection to the goods stored within.

Custom Bulk Bags can be made in the size and shape desired by the customer. Moreover, these bags are able to carry heavier materials easily by the use of tougher fabric materials being used to make the panels.

Why choose Simplex Chemopack Custom Bulk Bags?

Simplex Chemopack Private Limited is a prominent provider of custom bulk bags. The company is renowned for offering highly durable and reliable Custom Bulk Bags in all shapes and sizes to serve maximum number of customers effectively. Higher quality of material used and the advanced technology to produce better quality bags has enabled the Custom Bulk Bags from Simplex to be more advantageous than others.