U-Panel Bulk Bags

What are U-Panel Bulk Bags?

U-Panel Bulk Bags are designed with three separate fabric pieces however a single piece of fabric is used to form two sides along with the bottom of the bag. The other two sides are then stitched on to this ‘U’-shaped panel.

U-Panel Bulk Bags have the bottom and the two main sides made from a single piece of fabric. This helps to distribute the weight uniformly all along the curved length of the fabric, adding more strength to the bag.

U-Panel bags have:

  • Safety ratio – 5:1 and 6:1
  • Sizes – 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 lb bags
  • Use for – Transporting heavy and dense materials

U-Panel Bulk Bags are common in industries for carrying a variety of materials. This bag is most useful for transporting any type of flake, pellet, powder, granule or free-flowing material.

The additional strength provided by the U-Panel design allows this bag to be used for carrying heavier products (such as raw materials) that are over 3,500 lb in weight.

Simplex Chemopack is an innovator in packaging technology and solutions. The company ensures highest quality of their products through constant quality maintenance. The U-Panel Bulk Bags from Simplex are durable, tough and more reliable for carrying a large variety of heavy and dense materials for all types.