4-Panel Bulk Bags

4-Panel Bulk Bags

A 4-Panel Bulk bag derives its name directly from its construction design. In this type of bulk bag, the 4 sides are constructed from 4 separate fabric panels which are stitched together at the edges with each other. A separate piece of panel is used to make the square bottom of the bag.

According to the weight, the bag’s panels may or may not be hemmed. Hemmed edges are known to provide better support and maintain the square shape of the bag efficiently.

What are 4-Panel Bulk Bags?

4-Panel Bulk Bags, also known as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are a type of industrial container crafted from woven polypropylene fabric. They are named for their construction, which involves stitching together four separate fabric panels. This design offers a distinctive square shape when filled, setting them apart from other types of bulk bags.

Features of 4-Panel Bulk Bags

  • Construction: Made from four sturdy panels, which provide a strong structure.
  • Material: Typically manufactured from woven polypropylene, known for its durability and resistance to tearing.
  • Top and Bottom Design: Commonly come with options like a flat or spout top for loading and a flat or spout bottom for unloading.
  • Lifting Loops: Equipped with four lifting loops for easy handling and transportation.
  • Safety Factor: Often designed with a 5:1 safety factor ratio, suitable for single-trip use.

Advantages of 4-Panel Bulk Bags

4-Panel Bulk Bags are most useful for storage and transport as they are easier to stack. This helps to save storage space and allows larger number of bags to be stored in it.

  • Shape Retention: Maintains a square shape when filled, optimizing space in storage and transportation.
  • Stability: Offers enhanced stability during stacking and transport, reducing the risk of toppling.
  • Durability: Highly durable and suitable for transporting and storing a wide range of materials, including both dry and semi-dry goods.

Applications and Common Uses

The 4-Panel Bulk Bag is the ideal choice for industries that require packing, storing and transporting mainly solid and uniform-shaped products mostly. With stronger materials, finer type of substances can also be easily transported due to the square shape of the bag. Four Panel Bulk Bags are incredibly versatile and are used across various industries:

  • Agriculture: Ideal for storing and transporting feed, seeds, and grains.
  • Chemicals: Used for handling both powdered and granular chemical products.
  • Construction: Commonly employed for transporting sand, gravel, and cement.
  • Food Industry: Suitable for food-grade materials, ensuring safety and hygiene in food transportation.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Utilized for transporting pharmaceutical raw materials, ensuring containment and purity.
  • Customizability: Can be tailored to specific requirements, such as size, fabric weight, and additional features like liners or coatings for moisture protection.


While specifications can vary depending on the application, typical features include:

  • Capacity: Ranging from 500 to 2000 kg.
  • Dimension: Various sizes are available to suit different load requirements.
  • Fabric: UV-stabilized polypropylene fabric, with options for lamination or coating.
  • Safety Features: Often designed with safety mechanisms like dust-proof seams or discharge spouts with protective covers.
  • Compliance: Meet industry-specific standards and regulations, ensuring safety and reliability.

4-Panel Bulk Bags offer an efficient, reliable, and versatile solution for a multitude of industrial storage and transportation needs. When selecting these bags, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your application to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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