Animal Feed Bags

Animal Feed Bags


Geotextiles are special non-woven bags that are made from a technical fabric. The fabric is completely stitched shut from three sides and is open from one side. These are mostly used to store heavy materials that can act as support during various industrial or civil processes.

The Geotextiles are made from polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene and are mainly installed in hydraulic and marine structures to prevent heavy erosion and scouring from the water.


Geotextiles are used in numerous types of civil and industrial applications. There are several distinct advantages that make Geotextiles the choice for fabric to make storage bags. These bags can be designed and developed in several different ways with the shape and size depending on the individual customer’s requirement.

Geotextile bags are highly efficient to make in terms of labor and cost used for manufacturing them. These provide ideal prevention of scouring and erosion from metal surfaces, used in a variety of industries where submerged structures and machinery are used.

Geotextiles are used in mostly those applications where industrial and marine structures need protection from the constant erosion and scouring seen in such situations.

These are mostly filled with sand and used to regulate the flow and ebb of water over marine and industrial structures.

Simplex Chemopack Private Limited is the leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced and reliable packing and storage solutions for a wide variety of industries. The Geotextile Bags from Simplex are made from the highest quality materials to ensure longer life and durability. These Geotextiles bags are popular in demand with small and large marine-based industries and coastal authorities.