Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags

Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags


Type-C conductive Bulk Bags are designed with the fabric having interconnected threads that are conductive in nature. These need special filling and discharge systems for making them electrically grounded during these processes. Select electrically-conductive materials are used for making these bags.

What Are Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags?

Conductive Type C Bulk Bags, also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are specialized bags designed for the safe transportation and storage of dry, flammable materials. These bags are crafted to prevent the occurrence of static electricity, which is crucial in environments where even a small spark can lead to significant hazards.

Features of Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags

  • Electrostatic Control: These bags are constructed with conductive threads woven into the fabric, allowing static electricity to dissipate effectively.
  • Durable Material: Made from robust polypropylene fabric, these bags are designed to withstand the rigors of transport and storage.
  • Customizable Design: They often come in various sizes and can be equipped with features like spouts for filling or discharge, lifting loops, and document pockets.
  • Reusable and Recyclable: A focus on sustainability makes these bags a practical choice, as they can be reused multiple times and eventually recycled.

Advantages of Using Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags

Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags provide efficient storing and transporting of volatile liquids specially. These are electrically grounded to ensure that the flammable materials stored within do not catch fire due to an unwanted discharge while storage or filling. These are most advantageous for storing goods within highly volatile environments that contains flammable dust, vapors or solvents.

  • Enhanced Safety: The primary advantage is the increased safety in handling flammable materials, significantly reducing the risk of fire or explosion caused by static discharge.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: These bags are an economical solution for bulk material handling, offering cost savings in transportation and storage.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Their reusability and recyclability align with environmentally conscious practices, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of industries and materials, these bags offer flexibility in use.

Applications of Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags

Type-C Conductive Bulk Bags are used for storing highly volatile liquid or other materials. The electrically grounded bag material allows storing such goods around other inflammable goods and in a potentially volatile environment safely and with comparatively higher efficiency. Conductive Type C Bulk Bags are widely used in industries where flammable materials are handled, such as:

  • Chemical Manufacturing: For transporting and storing powders and granules that can generate static.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Safe handling of bulk drug substances and intermediates.
  • Food Industry: Especially in handling powders like flour, which can be combustible.
  • Plastics and Resins: In the storage and transportation of polymer granules.

Specifications to Consider

When selecting a Type-C Conductive Bulk Bag, it’s important to consider:

  • Size and Capacity: Depending on the material density and volume requirements.
  • Conductive Properties: Ensuring the bag meets industry standards for static control.
  • Lifting Options: Tailored to the method of handling and transportation.
  • Safety Features: Such as discharge spouts, which can prevent accumulation of static electricity.

Choosing the right Conductive Type C Bulk Bag involves understanding the material to be transported, the environment in which the bag will be used, and the specific handling requirements. Their role in ensuring safety and efficiency in the transportation and storage of flammable materials makes them an indispensable tool in many industrial processes.

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