Lumber Cover Fabric

Lumber Cover Fabric

In the era of wood product transportation and storage, ensuring the protection and preservation of lumber is paramount. Lumber Cover Fabric, a specialized solution crafted for this purpose, stands as a testament to innovation in packaging solutions. At Simplex Chemopack, we pride ourselves on leading the industry with high-quality lumber cover designs, tailored to meet the nuanced needs of the lumber industry.

What is Lumber Cover Fabric?

Lumber Cover Fabric is a woven plastic material designed specifically for covering lumber and wood products. Manufactured using polypropylene and enhanced with other additives, this fabric is engineered to offer tear-proof and puncture-resistant qualities, making it an ideal choice under the harshest environmental conditions.

Lumber cover fabric is a high-strength, woven material specifically engineered to protect and package valuable wood products. This fabric forms the basis of lumber covers – essentially fitted “jackets” designed to safeguard lumber during transport and stora

Features of Lumber Cover Fabric

  • Durability: Our lumber cover fabric is woven with a focus on tear and puncture resistance. It’s formulated to withstand the demands of outdoor storage and transportation.
  • Waterproof: The fabric creates a barrier against moisture. This safeguards your lumber against the elements, preserving its quality.
  • UV Resistance: We understand the impact of sun exposure. Lumber cover fabric often incorporates UV protection to minimize fading and structural degradation of the lumber within.
  • Customizable: Fabric weight (GSM), size, and features like transparent end panels can be tailored to your exact product specifications.

Advantages of Lumber Covers

  • Product Protection: Lumber covers minimize the risk of scratches, warping, moisture damage, and general wear-and-tear. This helps ensure your wood products arrive at their destination in pristine condition.
  • Efficiency: Features like transparent end panels allow for convenient barcode scanning and easy product identification, streamlining inventory management.
  • Brand Image: A neatly packaged lumber bundle with your company logo conveys professionalism and care for your products.


Lumber Cover Fabric is indispensable in the transportation and storage of wood products, providing a layer of protection that is critical in preserving the quality of the lumber. Whether for use in sawmill yards, during transit, or in outdoor storage situations, this fabric ensures that wood products are shielded from water, dust, and theft, reflecting a commitment to product care. Lumber cover fabric is a versatile packaging solution for industries such as:

  • Sawmills
  • Lumberyards
  • Construction Sites
  • Wood Furniture Manufacturing

Specifications to Consider

Simplex Chemopack offers the following standard parameters, with customization available:

  • Mesh Options: 5×5, 8×3, 8×4
  • GSM: 50 (can be adjusted based on strength requirements)
  • Printing: Company logos and branding can be incorporated
  • Additional Options: Reinforcement, lamination, and custom sizing available upon request

Final Verdict

Choosing Lumber Cover Fabric from Simplex Chemopack means investing in the protection, longevity, and quality of your wood products. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with our understanding of the industry’s needs, ensures that our clients receive not just a product, but a comprehensive packaging solution. Trusting Simplex Chemopack with your lumber cover needs is a decision that underscores a dedication to quality, efficiency, and the care of your wood products.

Why Trust Simplex Chemopack for Lumber Cover Fabric

Simplex Chemopack sets the benchmark for plastic packaging solutions in the lumber industry. Our dedication to quality, coupled with our high-yield production capabilities, positions us as a leader in providing cost-effective, durable, and customizable lumber covers. The advantages of partnering with a North American manufacturer like Simplex include shorter lead times, adaptability to market changes, and a commitment to excellence that is unmatched by overseas competitors.

Let’s discuss how our lumber cover fabric can safeguard your products and optimize your operations. Call or email us for free consultation at +91 982 322 1119.